I have extra cucumbers to share!!

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  • Eric Zoch
    commented 2020-08-09 06:41:43 -0500
    I sent you a message on Facebook messenger. I am not a huge fan of posting my address
  • Becky Fredrick
    commented 2020-08-08 15:00:02 -0500
    Hi Eric-so sorry I just gave them to a neighbor but I will have more in week or so-let’s connect next weekend! Im not on FB much but you can message me-Becky Wolgemuth/Fredrick
  • Eric Zoch
    commented 2020-08-08 11:41:40 -0500
    Hi Becky. I am on the go today. Let’s connect on Facebook and arrange something tomorrow perhaps?
  • Becky Fredrick
    commented 2020-08-08 11:27:56 -0500
    I live in Urbana and am going out now-could I drop them by somewhere?
  • Becky Fredrick
    commented 2020-08-08 11:25:07 -0500
    They are your typical bush cucumbers-Im happy to share! Not sure how to get them to you?
  • Eric Zoch
    commented 2020-07-29 13:51:39 -0500
    what type of cucumbers do these happen to be?
  • Eric Zoch
    tagged this with i'll take some! 2020-07-29 13:51:39 -0500
  • Becky Fredrick
    published this page in Produce 2020-07-25 13:43:05 -0500