I want to help! What do I do?

We’re so glad you’re interested in the project! Check out this page, where you can sign up to volunteer in whatever ways are best for you! If you’re looking for quick, immediate jobs, check out the Job Board!

I’m already working on this project, but I need help! What do I do?

Depending on the type of help you need, you have some options!

  • For one-off jobs, you can post on the Job Board, which will allow a volunteer to reach out to you!
  • For garden consulting or a repeated job that you need done, reach out to us at [email protected] or (847) 306-9442 and we’ll get you set up!

If you have any questions, or are unsure about where your request fits, feel free to contact us as well!


I need food, can this project help me?

Yes!! Check what’s being offered by gardeners on the Produce Board and request what you would like! If you are a representative of a group that might need fresh or lightly-processed produce, feel free to reach out to [email protected].

I signed up to volunteer, but I haven’t heard anything back yet!

We’re sorry! We’re doing our best to get every volunteer hooked up with an opportunity. Rest assured we will get back to you as soon as we can!


If you have a question and need an immediate answer, the best time to contact us via [email protected] or (847) 306-9442 is during Fiona’s “office hours:”

M: 2-4:30 W: 1-4:30 F: 8-10

How do I start gardening for this project?

If you already have a garden space and are confident in managing it, but would like to include some plants for this initiative, feel free to request whatever extra supplies you need -- seeds, seedlings, or tools -- from our request list! You’ll be able to set a time to pick up the supplies you’re requested from Cunningham Township Supervisor’s Office (205 W. Green Street).


If you’d like to get involved with one of our community garden spaces, let us know on our volunteer page!

What should I plant in my garden?

Great question! Here are some crops that our neighbors have really appreciated in the past:

  • Tomatoes!!! All varieties!
  • Cooking greens (collards, chard, etc.)
  • Green beans
  • Green peppers
  • Turnips
  • Sweetcorn
  • Zucchini


I can’t set up my own garden -- how else can I help?

We’re always in need of more volunteers who are willing to help work the land that others have kindly donated! Select the option “I can help dig/weed/plant in a community garden” on our volunteer form and we will get you connected with a garden in need of a gardener.


If you have some gardening experience and would like to mentor an aspiring gardener, we can connect you with someone! Select “I can mentor people on gardening” on our volunteer form.

How do I donate tools/plant starts?

Tools can be donated at the driveway of Sola Gratia Farm (2200 South Philo Road, Urbana)! We are collecting donations underneath a banner set up just to the left of the driveway about 100 feet past the Sola Gratia Farm sign.


Plant starts can be donated at the Cunningham Township Garden (205 W. Green Street, Urbana)! You can put them anywhere among the beds. Currently this location can only be reached by the alley between Race and Cedar Streets (just past the Magic Needle if you are going South on Race). Please do not come into the building! If you are unsure of the location, feel free to call at (847) 306-9442.

How do I donate produce?

Check out this post about how best to donate produce!

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