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Need Help Tilling

If you have a gas or battery powered tiller, I could use some help tilling my Meadowbrook plot ahead of the growing season this year. Hoping to do it when the ground is thawed enough. Some time late March, early April. Thanks!!

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Preparing fall garden

Hi, I need help with preparing a fall garden and also putting down some mulch, Thanks for considering my request.

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Straw/Mulch Needed for Meadowbrook Plots

Hello, We could greatly use some straw bales or another mulch to make paths and keep the weeds out of our Solidarity Garden plots at Meadowbrook Park. I am looking for donations. Bales can be dropped off at Sola Gratia Farm or just email me and I will meet you at Meadowbrook. Thank you!

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Weed area for garden

Hi, I need help with weeding an area so I can put in a garden. Thanks for considering my request.

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Weed sweet potato beds

We are getting ready to plan sweet potatoes in a plot at meadow brook. Someone needs to give it the once-over with a shuffle hoe before we plant.

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