Our volunteers, donators, and supporters are the reason we’re able to do the work we do. Volunteers take care of our gardens and are ultimately the ones creating food for our community!


During the growing season (March-October), we are most in need of volunteers willing to take on regular work at one of our gardens, which is usually a short time commitment over a longer period of time and involves tasks like watering, weeding, planting, and harvesting. These volunteers help make sure our gardens are continuously productive throughout the growing season and really help us maximize the amount we’re able to produce. If regular volunteering isn’t possible for you, we also hold occasional workdays at our gardens to take care of big projects, like putting up fences, planting or weeding large plots, or laying down compost.


Interested in volunteering in one of our gardens? Fill out the form below!

Want to get involved right now? Check out the list of jobs needed to be done


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